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What is CMMI?

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a proven set of global best practices that address key capabilities and common business challenges. This standard deals with a range of topics, such as quality, engineering, business planning, resilience, workforce management, and more. CMMI helps you understand your capability in the context of your own objectives and industry best practices.

Your organization can be appraised at five different maturity levels: initial, managed, defined, quantitatively managed, or optimizing. The most common levels are Maturity Level 2 (Managed) or Maturity Level 3 (Defined).

Consulting Support for CMMI Compliance

Accorp specializes in providing services to help organizations that are seeking an appraisal to Maturity Level 2 or Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) development model. We provide consulting support for organizations seeking appraisal, as well as on-site and online appraisals.

Our program includes an Evaluation Appraisal and a Benchmark Appraisal. The Consulting Group provides customized reports containing.

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CMMI Assesment

CMMI Consulting act as a facilitator and enabler in the organization change process. The company helps to analyse and bring about organizational changes. These changes are made possible by all the elements together, which includes facilitation and enabling of the organization for change.

CMMI Consulting

CMMI Consulting acts as facilitator and enabler in organizational change. The company adds up all the elements to bring about change, and helps organizations celebrate it as a reality in the organizational change process.

CMMI Forum

There is an active community of quality improvement professionals at CMMI Forum. If you have any questions about CMMI, process improvement or need help in your projects, please post them here. We would be more than happy to answer and discuss with you.

CMMI Training

Our training programs are designed for all levels of management who want to understand the subject. We have various programs designed for different levels of management and we even have a customized program based on your requirements.


In current scenario of emerging technologies, most of the organizations outsource few aspects of their business to vendors which can either include performing a specific task or replacing an entire business function. Vendors can handle various functions like customer support, financial technology, data storage, software development etc. With all these advantages, organizations should also consider various inherent risks associated with outsourcing.

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